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Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Sci. & Techn., University of Debrecen

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Welcome to the website of the Department of Physical Chemistry.

"Physical chemistry is the science of explaining – based on physical laws and experiments – the chemical changes taking place in complex systems."

M. I. Lomonosov (1711-1765), chemistry professor at Saint Petersburg. He created the phrase: "physical chemistry".

On 1th of September, 2016 a new Department of Physical Chemistry was formed from the former one and the former Department of Colloid and Environmental Chemistry. The head of the new Department of Physical Chemistry and the MTA-DE Redox and Homogeneous Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms Research Group is Prof. Dr. István Fábián. Until the start of the new homepage please click on the links in the previous sentences for additional information.

Our Department belongs to the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology of University of Debrecen.
The Department strongly cooperates with the MTA-DE Redox and Homogeneous Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms Research Group founded jointly by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and University of Debrecen (DE). Both units are situated on the top floor of the D block of Chemistry Building (D601 - D623) except for the student laboratories on the first floor (D104, D106) and the X-ray Diffraction Laboratory on the ground floor (D16, D17 and D18).

We teach physical chemistry in Hungarian for BSc and MSc Chemistry, BSc Chemical Engineering, BSc Bioengineering, BSc Environmental Studies, BSc Medical Laboratory, BSc Medical Imaging and MSc Pharmacy students. In cooperation with other units of Institute of Chemistry we teach other subjects as well, e. g. analytical chemistry and computing and information science for chemists. We also offer a number of lectures and laboratory practices related to our research themes.

We hold physical chemistry lectures and laboratory practices in English for international BSc Chemical Engineering and MSc Pharmacy students. Some of our special courses are also offered in English.

Our main research topics are as follows:

  • homogeneous catalysis;
  • oscillatory and chaotic reactions, chemical waves;
  • photochemistry;
  • X-ray structure determination.

The Department of Physical Chemistry was founded by Professor Lajos Imre in 1950. The present scientific profile of the Department was gradually formed by Professors Mihály T. Beck, György Bazsa and Ferenc Joó from the late sixties up to today. From 2011 to 31th of August, 2016 the Department was headed by Professor Vilmos Gáspár. The present head of the Department is Professor István Fábián. The head of the MTA-DE Redox and Homogeneous Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms Research Group is Professor István Fábián.

For further details, please click on the menu items on the left. We are more than happy to answer your questions, comments in connection with the Department.